True or false: your signature needs to look like your name?

A lot of people feel emotionally attached to their signature and feel that’s what a signature should look like on a piece of paper. However, by taking this approach, they are neglecting the many other ways in which you can sign documents. Are you wondering how to make an electronic signature? Let’s break it down… So true or false: your signature needs to look like your name?

False. Let’s debunk the most popular myth around signing.

I think the easiest way to convey the unimportance of a signature’s cosmetic appearance is summed up here:

Because guess what? When you add your signature, despite however many years at school you spent hand-crafting and refining that extra loop, dot or squiggle – has absolutely no bearing on anything. Not at least, when it comes to the legal side of things! And let’s face it the combination of letters, lines and swishes that you merrily scribble down now is most likely a shortened or abbreviated version of what it once was on that school book. how to make an electronic signature

But you’re still wondering how to make an electronic signature…

To help explain, let’s look at the definition: a signature is a mark or sign made by an individual on an instrument or document to signify knowledge, approval, acceptance, or obligation. You’ll notice that this definition in no way suggests that it has to look the same every time you add a signature to a document. Or even include your name. So you can actually be as creative as you like when you create an electronic signature!

how to make an electronic signature

So, how an image of your signature looks really is only for our own personal recognition and ego, that and we have learned to develop a handwritten signature that we can consistently replicate!

The real purpose of signatures

At the end of the day proving a signature is yours is actually about the amount of evidence that can be collated to sufficiently link it to the individual providing authorisation. So in the case of Royal Mail – are they really bothered about the fact that you signed for a parcel? No, it’s more about proving that someone was there to provide a signature at delivery and it can be tracked to a specific address, date and time.

This is where the ever-increasing electronic methods for recording ‘receipt’ of an item are proving successful as more evidence can be provided and tracked by an independent third party! There are loads more things to learn about eSigning and the authentication process and their legal validity.


How do I learn how to make an electronic signature?

Learn with our step-by-step videos here.

We’ve got a 14-day free trial to try us for yourself! We just need your name, company and email address and you’ll be adding signature fields to PDF files in no time. Hopefully,  you now know how to make an electronic signature!

Author: Olly Culverhouse