Word from Winbox – The two ways businesses often go wrong with their marketing approach

Marketing is a big part of running your business. There are a lot of different ways you can approach it and it’s easy for strategies not to work out. If you think that your tactics need be improved, we’ve asked Mr. Marc Woodland from Winbox to share his wisdom. So here he shares what he thinks businesses do wrong, and his advice on what to do right…

“There are two common ways in which we have witnessed businesses going wrong with their marketing approach… they either go too salesy, or too nicely, nicely. In this article we’ll explore why both could be bad for business, and what we think is the correct balance between the two.

Mr Desperate

People often mistake marketing for sales and sales for marketing. This is frequently the case in email marketing where people just send sales messages to as many people as possible and wonder why they don’t achieve consistent results. They might get a lead or two from their first message from people who are desperate for their services, but then the leads and engagements dry up and leave business owners scratching their heads, claiming email marketing doesn’t work for their business.

In the UK especially we’re very savvy to what is a sales message, and unless we’re ready to buy and really trust the company, we’re very good at ignoring them. Companies can come across as very desperate and jump the relationship-building process to ask directly for the sale when they haven’t yet done the groundwork to build up a trusting relationship with a prospect. We see the sales process you have to go through with a prospect as follows:

Help > Relationship build > Prove yourself > Sale

Following this process, your target can be assured that you have the right intent for them, and trust that you can deliver on what you’re promising. Don’t be too keen to just ram a sales message down a client’s throat, as this approach is unlikely to work in the modern market environment.

Mr Nice Guy

Being a nice guy is great. People love nice people, but you also have to be strategic with your niceness. Your intent should always be to help your audience and provide them with value that can truly benefit both them as individuals and their business. However, you also need to take action when your prospect is showing buying signals to ensure you make it easy for them to purchase. Too often have I seen prospects who are keen to make a purchase, but who find it difficult to navigate where to start. As a result, they go to a competitor leveraging all your good work, or forget altogether that they want to use you – lost in everything else they have to do for their business.

A happy medium… person

The approach we like to take for ourselves and our clients is to be the nice guy – help people and truly provide value. I believe this is because this is naturally who we are as people, and luckily this sits well with the modern marketing environment. Along with being nice, though, we do work hard and are strategic in identifying top engagers of our content to offer them a sales message, making it easy for them to buy. This could be done by seeing who has been clicking links in every recent email campaign and sending them a greetings card in the post, or a transactional email, or a direct mail piece… or by picking up the phone and calling them.

Relationship build > Identify engagers > Make it easy for them to buy

If you need advice on how to provide your audience with real value and identify top engagers to convert into loyal customers then we can help. Email win@winbox.co to discuss becoming a Winbox Winner.

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