On Demand Webinars

Signable Webinars

We’re putting together a collection of webinars designed to show you how to use electronic signatures and how to use Signable. Whatever your knowledge level we hope there’s something to be learnt from these videos.

Our upcoming webinar

On the 30th of September at 11am we will host our new webinar.

eSignatures for Education

The education sector can greatly benefit from using eSignatures.
In this webinar we are going to look at how you can use eSignatures at your university, school or education centre.

Signable Updates

In this webinar Aaron & MJ took a look at all the changes that have been made to the Signable platform in the past few months!

Updates we talked about included:
– Our integration with Dropbox
– The back button in the document editor
– The new search functionalities we have
– And much more

This webinar was recorded in September 2020.

Previous Webinars

eSignatures for HR Webinar

In this webinar we took a look at how your HR team can benefit from using esignatures!

We covered:
– How to send a document with Signable
– Signable features which benefit HR
– A case study on how Signable helped HR

This webinar was recorded in July 2020.

The Signable FAQ Webinar

This webinar is a bit different than our usual webinar. We were be joined by a Signable Expert who answered all the questions that you had about Signable.
Whether you’ve just signed up to Signable or if you’ve been a loyal customer for years, why not have a look and see if you can learn something new today.

This webinar was recorded in June 2020.

Are you getting the most out of your Signable account?

In this webinar we will give you a quick start on how to get your Signable account going and we will make sure that you get the most out of your account.

During the webinar we will cover:
– What do you see on your dashboard
– An in-depth look into the left side menu
– How to send an envelope, the streamlined way
– And more

This webinar was recorded in May 2020.


Why you should use eSignatures for your side hustle

This webinar will be great for all the entrepreneurs who run a small business next to their 9 to 5. It will give some great tips and tools to those who have just started to run their side hustle and will also help those who have been doing this a little longer and have more experience running a small business.

We will be covering:

– A quick introduction to Signable
– The benefits of eSignatures
– A demo on how you create and send an online contract
– A case study from one of our customers
– And more

This webinar was recorded in April 2020.

Our Partner & Affiliate Programs | How They Help To Grow Your Business

This webinar will be great for anyone looking to grow their business or increase their revenue. After attending the webinar you will have a clear idea of how you can benefit from the Signable partner and affiliate programs.

We will be covering:

  • An introduction to the Signable Partner program
  • How your business can benefit from a partnership
  • An introduction to the Affiliate program
  • How you can start earning with Signable
  • And more

This webinar was recorded in March 2020.

How Signable can help you with property signing

In this webinar you will find out how Signable can help you in your property business.

The webinar covers:

  • A small introduction in who Signable is
  • How to send an electronic contract?
  • A case study from one of our customer

This webinar was recorded in February 2020.

Signable Terminology

This webinar talks about all the different terminology that you will come across with Signable. Like ‘envelopes’, ‘merge fields’ and ‘tags’. Next to explaining what they mean, these features will also be showcased so you can get a full understanding of Signable and what it can do for your business.

The webinar covers:

  • What is an envelope?
  • What are parties?
  • What are fields and how do I add them?
  • When to use a widget?
  • When to use a merge field?
  • How to use a tag?
  • And more…

This webinar was recorded in January 2020.


An Introduction to eSignatures and Signable

This webinar is a perfect introduction for both those new to eSignatures but looking learn more and those with some existing knowledge looking find out more about using how Signable can help their business.

The webinar covers:

  • What is an eSignature?
  • Are eSignatures legally binding?
  • Are eSignatures secure?
  • Is Signable easy to use?
  • How has Signable improved recently?
  • What sort of documents can I send?
  • And more…

This webinar was recorded in August 2019.


Improvements to your Signable service

This webinar covers the recent Signable platform covering the changes and improvements made to the Signable service, including:

  • Templates
  • Merge fields
  • Widgets
  • Tags

The webinar also goes over some hints and tips about how to get the most out of your account.

This webinar was recorded in July 2019.