Unlocking the potential of Edutech – education webinar

Unlocking the potential of Edutech – 29th June 2022

“By 2026 the online education industry is set to grow by 11.6 billion. This proves that the EdTech revolution is not a temporary adjustment but a permanent solution.”

In this webinar, we start a conversation around the potential of technology in Education, and what processes Signable can help with.

We will discuss:

  • Signable Education Case Studies
  • Exclusive prediction from Signable education partner
  • The long-term trends and what the future could look like for Education
  • The potential of a Signable integration
  • Common FAQs answered

Fill in the form to join our webinar on the 29th of June!

Fill in the form to join us on the 29th of June!

Why would education benefit from eSignatures?

With budgets slashed, and increased demand for modernisation, higher education has a knack for making the most out of less.

So, with connected processes for students, employees, and financing departments, you can create a functional and future-proof system for everyone.

Find our Education case study here.