StartUp 2022: How To Start a Tech Business

Want to start a tech business but don’t know where to begin? Our CEO, Olly Culverhouse, chats about why and how Signable was created and what tech entrepreneurs should bear in mind when starting their own business. The panel, hosted by Karolina from StartUp 2022 also includes Amman Ahmed, CEO of RelaxMyDog. Together they discuss self funding vs third party investment, scaling a business, set backs and more.

What is Signable?
Signable is an electronic signature provider which aims to streamline processes with fast, simple and secure eSigning.

Signable’s software is used by thousands of businesses across various industries. It is a secure online, digital process for signing documents and it is super easy to create an electronic document from scratch or upload an existing Microsoft Word document, Microsoft Excel file or PDF template to create, send & sign.

Learn more about Signable and electronic signatures below.