Our top 3 Game of Thrones business tips

Who doesn’t love Game of Thrones? I’ve been waiting impatiently for season 7 to start since 6 finished. But once you take a step back from staring at your horrified face reflecting back at you in the black screen just before the credits roll, you can see there’s some solid advice found in the Seven Kingdoms that can be applied to how you do business.

Here’s our top 3 takeaways…

“Winter is coming”

Well, technically, now winter is here.


(And if that line didn’t give you chills that made you feel like you were actually in Winterfell – then I am shocked).

But for the last 6 seasons we’ve been waiting patiently whilst being reminded with this infamous line that it’s on it’s way. And I don’t know about you, but no-one seemed to be preparing for it. Or, maybe that’s because a lot of stuff has been going down up north. Which leads me to my point – always be prepared.

I’m sure none of the Starks were even remotely prepared for Winterfell’s, or their, fall. But that’s how unfortunate events work – they sneak up on you. Or they actively conspire to betray you in an attempt to control the throne. But I digress. In business, it is always better to plan ahead than trying to play catch up when it’s too late. By preparing for a metaphorical winter and looking to the future you can help avoid unforeseen circumstances.

Keeping on top of the latest technology trends and watching how others are doing business within your sector is one way to make sure you’re not left behind. Whilst taking note of when seasons are quieter, and how to handle the extra activity when it’s busier, will lend to less stressful times in the office. And by keeping this sort of preparation in mind and not taking your eyes off your goals, you can avoid ending up like our beloved Starks. Unless you want to be Arya. Who is badass.

George R. R. Martin is ruthless – but you should be too.

We’re talking processes here, FYI – not about getting bloodthirsty with your team.

It’s no secret that George feasts on the tears of GoT fans who STILL MOURN THE RED WEDDING. But taking on an emotionless approach with who gets the cut has definitely made for a more captivating and emotionally damaging story. Take this approach to how you get your work done. Does a process or tool actually help you get things finished – or does it hinder your day? Are you spending time on paperwork when there’s (literally hundreds) of software options that could easily take care of it? Don’t hold onto methods just because they are familiar. Do you think George thought of that when he killed off Lady Stark? No. He just did it. Did we cry? Yes. Lots. But did it make it sweeter when Arya fed Frey his kids? Absolutely.

So take the time to assess which procedures for your daily tasks are needed, and if they’re not? Cut them out! Then see what can be adopted to simplify it. Will moving away from your usual approach feel inconvenient at first? Potentially. But in an age where there are options you can use that mean your days are less stressful, it’s worth investing the time to get used to a new way of working.

Plus, once you start finishing your jobs quicker and you’re able to switch your concentration from admin tasks back to getting work done; it’ll feel as awesome as when Arya finally avenged The Starks. We imagine.



When it comes to leading projects – keep it Khaleesi

Right? If leadership is a virtue then Dany has it in spades. The Mother of Dragons started in season 1 with a desire to get back to Kings Landing. A feat that has taken the loss of Drogo (oh WHEN will the sun rise in the west and set in the east??), losing armies of Dothraki to ruling armies of Sullied and learning how to tame dragons until her goal starts to transpire as an actuality. And how did she get there? With hella patience, solid self-confidence and some serious strategy.



Slay girl – slay.

So, as Dany has successfully shown; don’t be afraid to play the long game. Be certain of what you want a project’s outcome to be. Take some time to reflect on decisions being made, what course of action is being taken and if it’s the right choice for what needs to be done. In business the best leaders are confident, stay strong and plan ahead.

You also need to stick to your guns. If your gut feels right about something – then trust it. Daenerys literally walked through fire to get her dragons, despite being warned that she’d, ya know, burn alive. And then she ends up as the freaking Mother of Dragons. Learning how to recognise a good idea and running with it will instil confidence amongst your team that your ideas are the right ones to get behind. Just, don’t run with it literally through fire. You are not Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburnt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons. And your job probably doesn’t pay you enough to.

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