Electronic Signatures for Conveyancing

eIDAS, Esign compliant for global, legal Electronic Signatures for Conveyancing

The pandemic has hastened how conveyancers and property lawyers can carry out essential work on deeds, thanks to advancements in technology. The property industry can now enjoy a fully digitalized ecosystem where the entire work process is paperless, thanks to electronic signatures.

Conveyancing use cases

Copy of lease
Property Information forms
Fittings & contents forms
Stamp duty

Stop chasing paper

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'eSignatures for Conveyancing'

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Why choose Signable?

Documents are transparent and accessible

Through eSignatures, professionals and clients can relax knowing that all documentation is accessible via laptops or mobile devices. Deeds are part of a fully audited trail, so no mistakes or additional notes are lost or hidden, which could threaten the document’s validity.

Deeds get signed FAST

Time scales for electronically signing deeds differ massively compared to their paper counterpart. No two directors need to be in the same place to carry out deeds, meaning all parties can sign and send in under an hour!

Reinforce Enforceability in Conveyancing

eSignatures highlight the fact that a signer’s signature has absolutely not been tampered with. This is done by logging the signer’s email address, geolocation & IP address. These details are logged, along with a full audit trail of the signer’s interaction with the document. And then emailed as a PDF to all parties upon completion.

Witness deeds electronically 

Thanks to pressure from conveyancers and property lawyers over the pandemic, the UK now allows deeds to be witnessed and signed electronically, if all parties use the same eSignature platform and parties are physically present.

Our conversion on signed packs is notably higher using this method. Whenever we can use an electronic signature for a client, we use it.

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